My Journey

8th House Astrology was founded by Julie McGill, attorney, astrologer and spiritual entrepreneur.

Early beginnings

Born into a religious family, I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who embraced my uniqueness and divergent thoughts about spirituality. I began exploring metaphysics at 13 years old when I purchased a mindfulness and meditation themed tarot deck. I spent the decades that followed developing my understanding of esoteric wisdom, extrasensory perception, the healing art of Reiki, the Tropical Zodiac and Evolutionary Astrology.

Attorney by trade

My path has been a winding road full of unexpected turns. Not knowing where I wanted to end up, I chose to pursue a law degree for its wide range of potential. That accomplishment is an asset I hold dear. Most importantly, a legal education teaches one how to think analytically. This skill has proven invaluable in all of my endeavors, most importantly in my astrology business.

Sharing the laws of the universe

Today I feel blessed that what was once a hobby is now what I recognize to be the primary purpose for my life. I believe in the power of attraction, positive thinking, understand how energy works and the laws of our universe. Yet learning to put those principles into practice is a continuous learning process for everyone, myself included. For this reason, astrology is a subject I approach humbly and every client session an opportunity I treat with respect. At a time when so many people are searching for meaning, I encourage you to join me in exploring astrology as a tool to make sense of life and the world around you!