Astrology Readings & Events in New Orleans

8th House Astrology offers not just traditional astrology services, but aims to introduce a wide variety of social groups to astrology through workshops and special events. In-person readings may be performed at an agreed-upon location determined in advance of your appointment. Please note that in-person readings are priced higher than online readings to cover scheduling and travel costs.

Natal Chart Readings

For individuals
The configuration of the stars and planets at your moment of birth is called a natal chart. The natal chart reflects your unique essence as a person and is a blueprint of your path and trajectory of growth in this lifetime.
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Synastry Readings

For couples
A synastry reading is used to help two people understand the ways in which they instinctually relate to one another. They are useful for parent/child pairs, friends, business partners, and all other types of close relationships.
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Group Workshops

For events, clubs, and corporates
Unique, entertaining, and educational events that introduce audiences to astrology in a way that debunks myths and informs both personal and group perspectives.
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