Synastry Readings for COuples

A synastry reading is used to help two people understand the ways in which they instinctually relate to one another. When working with couples, we first begin with an exploration of each individual's natal chart. Then, we venture into the synastry chart and discuss the way each person sends and receives energy from the other, ways in which two operate harmoniously, and areas where discord is likely felt.  From a therapeutic standpoint, a synastry reading is like an x-ray – it cannot fix a broken bone but is incredibly helpful to pinpointing problems. The result is a better understanding of the feelings you have for one another and a new perspective on why particular areas of challenge exist.

Synastry readings are tailored to the clients' goals and are recommended not more than just romantic partners. They are also useful for parent/child pairs, friends, business partners, and all other types of close relationships.

Virtual Readings
Three Session Package: $825

In-Person Readings
Three Session Package: $975
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